5 Ways To Save Money While At College

While you are at college you will be so busy studying, going to classes and socializing that you may overlook the need to plan out your finances.

Want some tips for saving money at college? Here are five to consider:

1. Plan ahead.

Get most everything figured before you get to school.

Save getting any student loans for very last. See if you are eligible for grants or scholarships first.

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Construct a cash flow. First, where do you expect to get money from? Make a list of your "income", be it from your parents, your student loan or your part-time job.

Try to predict your monthly expenses including food, books, fees and entertainment. It needs to be realistic so that you can stick to it.

You will never know what unexpected expenses would come your way so it is better to have a downfall for financial emergencies.

2. Save on food.

You may have not paid any attention to this when living at home, but planning your meals including lunches and dinners can save you lots of money. Even eating out at the fast food places can cost more that necessary when on a budget.

3. Take full advantage of student discounts.

Whip out your student ID. You'd be surprised how many businesses offer discounts to students.

Find out which places have the bonus or punch cards and eat there often. You'll be getting free meals or services as a regular customer.

4. Use your cash as much as you can.

Since you already have a plan for the items where you will spend your money, it is easier to monitor your cash flow. Avoid using your debit card when you have cash with you. Use your credit cards or write checks only in emergencies. Having debit cards, credit cards and checks handy might lead you to overspend.

5. Stay busy.

Join clubs according to your field of interest.

If you stay busy your mind won't wander or be tempted to spend cash to alleviate boredom.

You will feel confident in your money handling skills when you stick to your budget and don't spend money on things you don't really need. You'll be able to take care or yourself should one of those rainy day emergencies occur.

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