Journey to 40

As I sat and ate my breakfast and drank my very expensive coffee, the thought of writing a daily thought, blog, devotion or whatever until I am 40 crossed my mind. I have always failed at writing consistent blogs before and it is hard for me to commit to this type of writing, but I am going to give it a try.

There are a few reasons I am deciding to write a blog every day until I am 40. I believe that this year is going to be one of the best years ever for our family and for the ministry that God has called us to in Canada. We are pursuing to become permanent residents of Canada. We still have our hearts set on completing the collaboration of the two churches. We still have our hearts set on planting churches to reach this city that we now call home. For the first time in over 14 years all of our children will be in school. This is going to be a great year. I believe God is going to do some surprising things during my journey to forty.

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I am hoping that writing will keep me more accountable to pursue my relationship with Christ more intimately, lead my family better spiritually, and be bolder in sharing about Jesus with my friends. I guess my writings will be a chance to share what I have done, what I have learned and maybe even a little about what is next.

Today was a great day. It all started for me around 7:00am when I woke up and began to think about preaching. This week was busy and it took me a lot longer than usual to get prepared for preaching. I have grown to fall in love with preaching every Sunday. Others tell me I have a gift as a public speaker, but I still feel that I am new to preaching. All I want to do if faithfully deliver Gods truth to His people. I preached today from Psalm 1. I am leading the church through some of the Psalms for the summer and so we began with the first one. Today was filled with church, a meeting, lunch and coffee in Vancouver, a nap, a dinner for a mans 90thbirthday and a late movie with one of my friends.

To sum it all I up, I see the sovereignty of God in all of the days happenings. I believe His spirit was present with us at worship and also in our business meeting. He reminded me of the generosity of our church and the heart of our church. As I was able to have lunch with Jessica and 3 of the kids, I was blessed to be able to be wih them and do some of the things I love, such as eat a good burger at a local caf and buy some locally roasted coffee. I was also blessed to know that William was having a great time with some of his friends. I took a much-needed nap this afternoon. Logan was able to babysit while Jessica and I had a 8 course meal at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Mr. Leungs 90thbirthday. Afterwards, one of my students from church bought me my favourite bubble tea. When we got back home, I was able to see all the kids before they headed to bed and my friend Vik came over to watch a movie. All that to say this, God has blessed me with a great day and a great life.

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