Marathon Racing And Your Health

As a nation we spend gazillions of dollars on beauty, healthcare and clothes, but when you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do others notice most? You are a whole lot more than cute shoes or latest hair style. If you are exhausted, over worked and worn down, that is what you and others will notice the most.

We are all running a marathon these days. We race from one appointment to the next, multitask our way through each day and then complain that we are exhausted and stressed out.

Taking a break is not only beneficial to your mind and body, it is necessary. Some have the luxury to have a full day to unwind and relax. Others can only steal a few minutes of time each day. Regardless of your circumstance, it is an important prescription for your overall well being.

I have often overheard my hubby telling others that I am a workaholic. He is correct, I am or should I say I was. I even found myself forgetting to stop long enough to eat lunch. My overall health was deteriorating. I started feeling exhausted and depleted, not to mention the toll it took on my weight, skin, attitude and even relationships.

Not taking care of yourself not only robs you but everyone around you! Sure, we all live in a fast food mentality when it comes to our lives; but we have the ability to make some small changes in our daily/weekly schedule to focus on what is good for us.

Something quite amazing happened when I made some changes. I started to deliberately schedule times for my meals. Geez, I no longer felt the need to grab that cookie because I was starving. Guess what, I lost weight. I planned and scheduled my day each morning and if I thought of something else that needed to get done, I prioritized it to fit in my schedule. I keep a weekly planner with me and as I think of things I need to get done, I fit them into my week realistically. Each day I leave time, intentionally, to sit and chat with my hubby, eat meals, exercise and even schedule in time for beauty rituals, reading and planning.

As a result my health, weight, relationships and attitudes have greatly improved. Women and men both want to look attractive. Whether it is spending money on makeup, hair or the gym, we have the ability to improve ourselves without spending a penny. Start now to make some small changes each day and soon it will become a way to improve your life.

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 12/03/2019






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