Best free game apps for iphone 4

Mega Run

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Mega Run is much like Mario Bros except built perfectly for that iPhone's touchscreen. Run and jump the right path through 64 stages scattered throughout 4 mobile phone industry's. There's a lot of replay value for every stage too, with great finds and coins to discover. While you progress, you unlock new figures to experience and add new energy-ups to game. There's an in-application purchase element where one can purchase coins to quicken things, but it is not needed. Mega Run is a the very best, best-designed free games for that apple iphone. It's surprising it's free!

iFighter 2

The Off-shore 1942 is really a The Second World War designed survival shooter that puts you within the pilot's chair of the fighter plane dodging bullets right and left. A follow up towards the popular original iFighter, Off-shore 1942 is occur the Off-shore theater of war, meaning plenty of ships and fighter planes along with a couple of other surprises. When things start getting hairy, you will need to change your plane by collecting weapon energy-ups, health products, and wingmen. You can buy better planes and wingmen by collecting stars and coins. Off-shore 1942 is definitely an awesome classic bullet dodger free of charge.

Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball is really a beautiful Retina Display-friendly pinball game that accompany a totally free table known as Sorcerer's Lair&mdashno strings attached. It is a polished pinball game with professional seem effects and voice acting. Like a free game, Zen Pinball is really a total steal, and you will find no freemium elements, although if you want the pinball you can purchase two more tables (Captain America and Wolverine) within the application.

Gun Bros

Gun Bros is definitely an intense survival game by having an arcade feel into it. You control a soldier, who, together with a pal, must protect against wave after wave of opponents. Available is really a growing toolbox of guns, grenades, along with other useful objects you are able to collect on the way. A current update introduced online multiplayer, permitting you to definitely meet up with a random stranger to face back-to-back and mow lower the alien hordes. The overall game provides extensive depth and polish, since it's been up-to-date and upgraded many occasions. It may get a little monotonous too. Probably the most fun originates from collecting bigger and badder guns, most of which possess some pretty crazy forces. Gleam subtle adventure-game element in which you visit new mobile phone industry's and uncover new opponents to defeat. Gun Bros has freemium elements where one can accelerate your weaponry upgrades, but there are many depth to the overall game without needing to spend a cent. Buckle up, because Gun Bros is violent fun.


Sudoku by Finger Arts is just the best free Sudoku game you will get around the apple iphone. Whether you are a novice or veteran, the overall game offers unlimited puzzles to continually help you stay challenged. Beautiful high-def graphics look wonderful around the latest high-relaxation apple iphone screens. It is the perfect casual game that the can enjoy anywhere and use your mind. Over 100,000+ Application Store testers accept me, Sudoku is among the best free games for that apple iphone.

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