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Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked for my help updating her professional profile. My first question to her was, When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn? Her response? Well what if I don't have one. Eeek! Besides your resume, LinkedIn is quite possibly your second best tool to help you land the perfect position.

Whether you're new to LinkedIn or started your account months ago but never really did anything with it; this quick little checklist will help you to have a killer profile that employers will definitely read.

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1) First things first, make sure all of your contact information is up-to-date. The last thing you want is a potential contact or future employer trying to reach you and there is outdated info just hanging around.

2) A photo! Your photo is important. LinkedIn profiles with photos get noticed. When choosing a photo, it's best to choose a headshot or something from the waist up. You want it to be professional and clean. Avoid photos where you are wearing sunglasses, hats or non-business attire as these won't speak well to your potential employers and will hide your smiling face.

3) Your slogan LinkedIn labels this is your Professional Headline. It should be brief and do one of two things or both: 1 be a description of you professionally. What can you do? What makes you valuable to a company? 2 What are you looking for? Your headline should let employers know what types of position you are a good fit for.

4) Experience make sure this is complete and gives enough detail that a person viewing your profile will know what you did at each company you've worked for. This is also a good place to boast about yourself. Dont be afraid to include things you've accomplished at each job, projects you we're in charge of and anything else that you kicked butt at.

5) Summary LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to give a few sentences of who you are as a professional. This should be a brief overview of your history, characteristics you excel at, and perhaps highlight your most recent work.

6) Specialties You can do this in sentence format or in list format. Personally I prefer list format because it's easier to read. You can list things such as programs you use and skills you possess. This section should essentially cover what makes you special why are you the person that should be hired over someone else?

7) Connect!! Find people you already know like: co-workers, previous school mates, past employers and even friends. Remember it's not the number of people you're connected with but the type of people. Use LinkedIns search functions to find groups or organizations you're interested in. Trying connecting with those people. By creating connections in fields you're interested in; you'll expand your network and increase your chances of furthering your career.

Youll also notice a sort of checklist on your profile. LinkedIn gives you a list of the essentials and other items you haven't filled in yet to help you along. The more information you enter the higher your percentage is and the more complete your profile will be.

LinkedIn offers many other little features you can add to your profile such as Interests, your Twitter Information, your website (if you have one) and even a place for publications or awards. The more information you include the better. Dont feel overwhelmed about having to get everything done in one day. Give yourself time to gather all of the information first.

And remember LinkedIn profiles with recommendations receive more views.

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