Agility X was very different than any workout I've done.

Agility X was very different than any workout I've done. First of all, I did not watch the disk that clearly says WATCH THIS FIRST on it. Because I never do. It's a fault, I know. For this video, you are supposed to have two pieces of tape on the floor, about 4ft long each and 4 feet apart. The idea is that the two lines give you good, consistent targets for the moves in these videos. I did not put tape on my floor because I have a beautiful dark wood floor and tape will stick forever to it. So I think I will think of something creative for this. I think I did a great job without the lines. They are to make sure you are jumping or lunging far enough.

This video has cardio in it but it's not overwhelming by any means. I was definitely sweaty by the end! As far as agility goes..I need to work on mine! Some of the moves we're hard for me to follow because they required fast foot moves and as I've said in the past, I am just not a coordinated girl! There we're lunges in this DVD, in a few places, but they we're done differently to work different parts of the legs.

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I feel like this video is intended to force you to think about where the energy is coming from and focus on how to use it.

There are some high impact moves in this video but there is a modifier who is not only hysterical, but does low impact moves. I'll be honest, this was fun. I hate to call working out fun because some people will equate that to "I didn't get a good workout" but I did get a good workout, I was sweaty (See picture to the left. That's not water spray, people!).

My biggest concern with this video is shoes. Get good shoes! Mine are old and I can feel with all the fast moves left and right that my ankles won't appreciate these old shoes long!

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