I'm a people person...

I blog a lot about PR tools, how social media affects PR and what we can do to be better PR professionals. However, what about those that are entering the PR field and wondering what tools they do need?

What about the tools they DON'T need? Let's face it, not everyone is a rockstar PR professional, nor are they ever going to be. Many times, hard work and dedication will get you far in this field. If you don't have the foundation, however, you won't make it. Below are three points that won't add to the next great PR pro:

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1. I want to dress up, meet celebrities and like, host parties

The public relations field is viewed as a glamorous all night party on many TV programs. With how my TV kids watch nowadays, it's no wonder that many enter their college public relations programs thinking that's what it is. Wrong. Public Relations does not equal solely publicity. Yes, you might plan events. You will be the one running around, making sure all of the details are seen to, dealing with any crisis and making sure that everyone is happy.

2. I have to write and research?

Yes. Two strengths I always tell PR students is that they must be able to write and research well. Most of my days are spent writing, researching and executing media relations. PR is all about getting the word out and you have to know the market and your audience before proceeding.

3. "I'm a people person."

Good for you so is everyone else. Your personality can get you far in this field but it's through pitching, promoting a brand and landing media hits that will get you even farther. Many times, being extremely personable can come off as flirty and non-professional. There is a line and you have to work for a brand that fits your personality.

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