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In the real world, traffic is not something you seek out. It slows you down, keeps you from getting where you need to be, distracts you from your goal. It can prove disastrous and you try to avoid it if at all possible. It can be your worst nightmare.

But in the world of internet marketing, it's your best friend. Traffic is your life blood. You NEED it! Without traffic you're dead in the water, spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

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Get Traffic to Your Site

Getting traffic the right kind of traffic, is one of the main concerns/problems/frustrations of most people new to internet marketing.

It doesn't matter how great your site looks, how much time you've spent on it, how many plug-ins you're using, how much money you've spent on developing it.

If you don't have traffic to it, it's all a waste unless it's just for your own personal entertainment.

So, how do you get it? Where do you get it? Should you pay for traffic? Can you get traffic for free?

You Don't Need Any Money to Get Traffic!

First of all, let me just say there are a lot of ways to get free traffic and I would just focus on those for now. Here are 7 ideas for getting that life blood to your site. And by site, I also mean blog.

1. Find Blogs and Forums and Start Commenting


Find blogs you can comment on that have a place to put your site url in the box just above the comment box, if that makes sense. I'll explain more about using other peoples' blogs for traffic in another post. The main thing to remember is to read the post and make a relevant and useful comment.

Some forums don't allow links back to your site, so read their forum rules. Sometimes you have to link out to a squeeze page and sometimes you have to make X number of posts before you can put any kind of link in a comment or post on the forum.

2. Put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) To Good Use

This is something a lot of marketers have gotten away from because of all the Google algorithm changes in recent months. You can spend a lot of time on it and still get slapped by Google, but there are ways to use it that are Google friendly and can get you a lot of search traffic.

You just don't want to try and fool Google not gonna happen.

But if done correctly, this can boost your site up in the rankings to the first page in the search results for several different keywords. Then when someone types in a specific keyword phrase related to your blog, it will come up on page one and they'll click through to your site.

Well, that's what we all hope for, anyway.

Content is King and Rules the Kingdom

3. Write Great Content

It's even more important now than ever to create really good quality content to post on your blog, on others' blogs as a guest, and in articles submitted to article directories. When you create great content that provides value to the reader, they'll come back for more and share your posts with others.

It needs to be unique and you need to put your own voice to it, your own take on it, your own slant to it. It can be:

  • entertaining
  • you can tell a story
  • use an anecdote
  • use an analogy
  • draw from your own experience

Just make it unique and useful .

And use visual aids images, photos, infographics, videos but be sure you are not using someone's image or photo without their consent ! Image sites will tell you how you can use the images and if you need to pay for them.

One place you can find free images is http://www.usa.gov/ Type in the subject you're looking for, hit "search" and then click on "images" on the left sidebar when you get to your subject matter.

4. Create Great Titles For Your Content

This could make or break you. A great title will draw a reader in to the article. A poorly written, boring title will have your reader skipping over it to something more interesting or exciting.

Here is some very useful information on writing titles: 7 Headline Writing Links You Shouldn't Ignore

5. Find Social Media Sites To Get Involved In

Social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, Google + and many more are a great way to develop a following. But don't just start spamming these sites with links to your blog site. Join groups, contribute to the conversations, make friends and get people to trust you. Then they just might be eager to check out your site and share your content with others.

6. Use Emails To Your Advantage

Use your blog url as, or just below, your signature whenever you send an email to anyone. Set up an opt-in box on your site to collect email addresses when you give away a free report or other item of value. I'll be explaining how to set up an opt-in form in another post so stay tuned.

Then as you start building your list, you can send out a broadcast email to everyone when you write a new post and put the link to it in the email.

7. Interview an Authority Figure

Interview someone within your niche that you admire and who is an authority figure and post that interview on your blog. Chances are the person you interview will maybe send out a broadcast email to his/her list linking to that interview.

Also, if someone types in that persons name in the search box at any time, they could find your blog post because of the interview you did with that person.

One way to get an interview is to send an email to the person asking politely if you could do an interview with them for your blog.

So now that you have 7 ideas to help you get traffic to your site/blog, start building a following and make that traffic jam your best friend!

Do you have another way you like to use to get traffic to your blog?

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