Week 11 Lecture Reaction: Boston Bombings

The Boston Bombings we're arguably the biggest news event since 9/11 and showed that social media was more than a place to connect with friends. Social media was a place for news to break and spread.

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Whenever I see a news organization post content asking for a like to show support, part of me wants to email the organization my resume. For me, this action is a cheap way to get engagement. During the Boston bombing events, a NBC affiliate in San Francisco posted a picture of a hospitalized boy and asked fans to like the post to show support. I tried to find the post but it looks like it has been removed.Here is a screenshot from Augie Rays article in Social Media Today. Its one thing for a news organization in Boston to post this story but it's another for an affiliate on the other side of the country to post the photo.

Guilting people into liking a post or playing off their emotions is unethical to me. The news organization is the only one benefiting from the post. Because they are located on the other side of the country, I highly doubt they took the time to show the boy the Facebook post. For me, social media is a form of advertising. They are clearly trying to get engagement and boost their engagement stats. I think the removal of the post is a clear sign of their intentions. I'm willing to be proven wrong though!

Because the boy was being used in post (advertisement), he should receive some type of compensation from the news affiliate. If the NBC affiliate was sincerely concerned for the boys well being, they could have taken a different route. For example, instead of posting a picture of the boy in the hospital bed, the broadcaster cold have shared the hospitals mailing address so people send their support to him. Or they could have spent $1 per like on a ToysRUs gift card and given that to the boy (without mentioning it).

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